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Hey, this page is a labor of love for the community, and I want to establish some ground rules first. I will not prioritize anyone's group buy ahead of whatever the sort I throw at the data yields. Period. No money and no favors will move me off of this position. I will NOT do anything to prioritize your group buy, so don't ask. This page is meant to be informational and not promotional. Default sort is by soonest end date.

If your group buy isn't on this page, I'm not ignoring you - I'm one person adding these things as I see them. You can PM me on keebtalk at TheNamesTy45 if you'd like your group buy added (not prioritized) and I'll add it as soon as I'm able. Also, please PM if any information isn't correct.

None of these group buys are mine unless otherwise explicitly noted, and I accept no liability for how a group buy listed here turns out. This page is only here to show active group buys, and I am not advocating anybody join any particular group buy. Buyer beware on any you join and always research the group buy runner.

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