Who are we?

Interesting question as the “we” is currently more of a me. Vanderley Studios is a team of one with Tyler (the person in the picture) acting as the designer, developer, and content writer.

Tyler is based in the Triangle Area of North Carolina, but is still a NOVA native at heart (Virginia side of the DC suburbs for those who don’t know).

Tyler has a passion for development and loves to immerse himself in many different technologies as he believes that a vast breadth of knowledge helps deliver novel solutions to development work.

Being heavily involved in the front-end and design side of web development, he also has a keen eye for details.

What Do We Do?

Right now, my primary focus is contributions to open source projects and creation of web sites, applications, libraries or other tools that we feel should exist.

Simply, there are too many things out there that are cool or could be cool to not get involved.

In fact, the carousel on the home page is an example of this. We didn’t see an implementation that fit our needs, so we created it. This NPM package can be found on the NPM registry under the name vanslidey.